How it works


Seamless API Integration

Railguard can connect with any travel management company through it's API or it's TIS supplier such as Evolvi and receives in realtime any journeys booked by a business.


Railguard monitors

Railguard takes the information and monitors those journeys for eligible claims using data supplied by the National Rail Enquirees Official Data feeds.


Compensation claimed

Railguard submits eligible claims to the relevant train company and recoups any money to the business via it's travel management company.



Railguard charges a 20% processing fee on the total value of the claim. Railguard will then share 30% of the fee with the travel management company.

B2B Features

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Realtime Customised Delay Notifications

Railguard delivers real-time delay repay notifications to the traveller requesting ticket evidence to allow Railguard to process eligible claims. These notifications can be tailored and customized to meet the needs of the business.

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End to End Process

Railguard communicates directly with the relevant train company to recoup any money that is legally owed leaving the traveller to focus on their days work.

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Ticket Booking Process

Railguard does not alter or change the ticketing booking process for the traveller or TMC.

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Management Information

Railguard delivers management information directly back into a TMCs system via the Railguard API allowing a TMC to monitor the status of claims.

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GDPR and enhanced data protection

Railguard does not hold onto any personal identifiable information longer then it has to. If Railguard monitors a journey with no eligible compensation Railguard automatically deletes any personal information held against that journey. All data is stored in the UK.

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Business Hour Monitoring

Railguard allows a business to set definable times for when they would like their UK rail travel monitored for. Allowing claims in the staff members own time to be processed by the staff member themselves.

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Finance Information

Railguard provides remittance slips to the business and TMCs finance department to allow recouped money to be traced back to a business’s departments if purchasing codes have been used.

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Business Travel Manager Dashboard

Railguard provides Business Travel Managers with their own dashboard allowing them to view the status of their claims.

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TIS Integrations

Railguard connects directly with a TMCs TIS supplier requiring no additional development. Current TIS integrations include Evolvi.

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Mobile Integrations

Railguard integrates directly into Mantic Point and is working with other mobile app providers to deliver similar solutions.

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Travel policy and HR compliant

Railguard helps businesses define new travel policies to ensure all staff stay compliant.

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Set up fees

Railguard does not charge any set up fees.

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{{ savings }}per year* Railguard charges a 20% processing fee on the total value of any successful claims, so we don't make money until you do.

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Supported Train Operating Companies

Railguard works with all UK train operating companies.
Transport for Wales
Caledonian Sleeper
Chiltern Railways
Cross Country
East Midlands Railway
Gatwick Express
Grand Central
Great Western Railway
Greater Anglia
Heathrow Express
Hull Trains
Scott Rail
South Western Railway
Transpennine Express
London Northwestern Railway
West Midlands Railway


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